Privacy Policy

The Short Version
We are one of the most non-invasive companies around. You rarely have to give us your contact information, and when you do, we guard it tightly. You can go almost anywhere on the site without "registering" or giving us any information at all. We don't even use cookies to secretly track you. Enjoy the freedom to browse and download from our library without being monitored.

What You Do Have to Give Us
If you purchase through the store, you will have to give us your name, address, credit card number, phone number and e-mail address. Pretty ordinary protocol. If you want to avoid having your information stored here you can phone in an order. Your personal data will be shredded by hand as soon as the order is shipped. If you want to avoid giving us your credit card, you can mail a check for the amount of the purchase plus shipping.

What We Do With Your Information
We have some of the best security software in the industry to protect your information from hackers.

We NEVER share it with others in any form at all.

And even though we have your contact information after a sale, we don't use it to send you any sort of newsletters or advertisement. The only unsolicited materials you will receive from us will be product flyers and/or gift CDs which are included in your order.