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God's Hand in Dutch History


A small rudder changes the course of a large ship. God has used The Netherlands to change world history several times. It is part of their design. Come celebrate God’s treasure in this nation.

This is a four CD set.

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Dutch stereotypes – and cultural jokes – abound. But God was there first, and God has been working through the history of the Dutch people in massive ways. They are a small nation, both by geography and by population, yet in the hand of God they have repeatedly had an influence on world history, vastly disproportionate to their size.

This album looks at the ebb and flow of Dutch history, singling out the incidents where history was changed in the broader world, by their strategic presence at some spot.

Then we looked at all of those events to find the pattern. When we found language for that, we were able to extrapolate where God might go in the future, and explore some things that the Body of Christ could do to position themselves strategically for partnership with the Kingdom calling of the nation.

This album is in English with Dutch translation.

This album was released in 2018.