"What does the new world order look like?"

This was the dominant question at the last G20 summit in Hamburg.

The world leaders admitted that global challenges and globalism in many areas of life can no longer be solved with existing national resources and strategies. Hence, they sought the new paradigms to usher in the new world order.

We are in the early years of "The Mercy Season" as we learned by revelation (according to the redemptive gifts of Romans 12: 6-8). The tools of the old "Ruler Season" no longer work, or only conditionally. But what are the new tools, the requirements and framework for the Mercy Season?

One of the defining pioneers of this new Mercy Season is Arthur Burk, with his think tank and US-based global Sapphire Leadership Group. In order to make this Biblical pioneering work for the Mercy Season also available for our country, we have founded the branch "Saphir Team Deutschland". We know that the questions of this world can only be answered by the Creator Himself through his Ecclesia (worldwide church).