About Us

We – Birger & Johanna Makatowski – have been married since 1980. We have four children and are enjoying an increasing number of grandkids.

For us as a couple, it is our normal life style to live a Biblical relationship with God and to move in the prophetic. Our passion is to help people discover and develop their uniqueness..

Johanna is a certified doctor’s assistant and prevention specialist. She manages our family and is a prophetic intercessor whose heart burns for people with deep wounds. In the future, she wants to move into the area of healing for people with special needs. Her laughter is contagious and no-one can escape it, says Birger.

Birger is a former officer in the German mountain infantry, a conference center manager and an employee of Christian ministries. His goal is to help people unpack their spiritual potential and to lead them into their calling, so that the kingdom of God can ultimately penetrate all areas of society through them.