Shipping, Warranty and Return Policy

If we make a mistake in your order and fail to ship something you ordered, please contact us immediately and we will ship the missing items at no charge.

If your package arrives obviously damaged on the outside, you should file a claim with the carrier, not us.

If any product is defective when it arrives, let us know immediately and we will replace it at no charge.

We guarantee our CDs and DVDs for life (but not the cases) so if one ever fails, let us know and we will replace it at no charge, even if the reason it failed was your dog chewing on it.

If you loan an album to your friends and they return it with a CD missing, we do not warrantee that. Forgive your friend, because he or she obviously needed that particular teaching. You can place an order for any single CD to complete your album once again. (Actually, it is better to have a loaner album for your friends and to require them to replace the missing one themselves, so you are not enabling them.)

However, if you purchase a product and simply don't like it, we do not allow returns, credits, or exchanges.