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Foundations for Social Justice


Christians are supposed to impact the social values of their world.  This album explores some of the foundational skills you will need to succeed at that.

This is a four CD set.

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The term “social justice” generally surfaces mental images of unkempt people protesting sexism, capitalism, racism, White privilege or climate change.  

Historically, these groups are much better at making the evening news than they are at making permanent change in the culture.

Diatribe sells.

And diatribe also denigrates, causing the term “social justice warrior” to have a strong flavor of dishonor attached to it.

This album has three objectives:

-Redeem the term;

-Frame it as a Kingdom imperative;

-Equip Christians to be effective, not just sincere.

The seasoned social justice activists who attended the live event in Texas shared that many of the concepts Arthur shared were completely new to them and hugely enriched their existing toolbox.

Those who were new to the field left able to build a solid foundation for whatever project they embrace. 

Whether you ever become involved in social justice or not, the culture you live in is permeated with pervasive injustice and it would benefit you to explore the world of the social justice warriors who are in the trenches, striving to make the world better for others.

This album was released in 2020.  

This is a four CD set.