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Fractal of Two: Adrenals & Kidneys


The adrenals and kidneys are spiritually dynamic parts of your physical body. Their spiritual vitality will determine not only their physical well being but that of other body systems as well.

This is a seven CD set.

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The concept of the heart as a spiritual organ is quite well established in Western theology. The Bible, however, includes the adrenals and kidneys as playing a strategic role in the spiritual climate of a person.

The kidneys think and the thoughts of the adrenals and kidneys are so significant that God specifically judges them for how righteously or unrighteously they think. Their contribution to the spiritual condition of the spirit and body is immense.

They are also the seat of a wide range of emotions, from fear to sorrow to joy. And those emotions seem to be more spiritual than merely soulish.

This album explores the fractal of two through the grid of the adrenals and kidneys, then presents a significant series of blessings for them.

So far, we have not found any portion of the body that is as spiritually responsive as the adrenals and kidneys. The speed with which the body goes into detox when they are addressed is remarkable. And when the detox is over, the breadth of positive results in the body is also remarkable.

This is a seven CD set.