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Changing the Values in Your Workplace


Values determine what people do when times are hard. This album addresses how to select right values and how to weave them into the core of your people.

This is a three CD set.

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Every entrepreneur’s primary challenge is their staff. We all hire from the same labor pool, which is admittedly inadequate. Having hired the best available person, we then have to train them to do the tasks at hand.   But the big challenge is to build in our corporate values. When no one is looking and when the times are hard, it is our internal values that determine what we will do in a given situation. Values enable us to make the hard choices that will benefit the most people.  

There are specific tools that an HR department needs to be able to change those values in the marketplace. This album explores those tools and how to customize them for your company.  It IS possible to change the values of your team without guile or manipulation.  Changing the values Your Workplace was released on 15 December 2014.

This is a three CD set.