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Sapphire Business DNA


God has designed seven different kinds of social DNA for a business. This CD album explores the dynamics of the first of the seven kinds of DNA.

This is a three CD set.

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This album lays the foundation for understanding the social DNA of businesses. After the general description of the dynamic of the DNA, Arthur looked at the first of the seven kinds: a Sapphire business.
The first session explored the internal dynamics of a Sapphire business with a special focus on the product that is specific to this DNA. This broadly highlighted the visible side of a business. 
Then in the third session, there was extensive discussion of how to leverage the spiritual qualities of the Sapphire business. 
These sessions were designed for the CEO or MD of a business, but many of the lessons of social DNA will benefit any employee.
Sapphire Business DNA released on April 22, 2015. 

This is a three CD set.