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A Glass Ceiling


There are three basic demonic strategies to block us from soaring in our Christian walk.  This album gives you tools to combat them.

This is a four CD set.

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We are commanded to work out our salvation.  This presupposes that it takes a lot of effort.  However, there should be very significant fruit from that effort:  measurable, verifiable, sustained change in your life.

If you are investing significantly but are relentlessly capped in your growth, it is possible that one of the three main demonic strategies is being effective against you.

The spirit of jealousy is designed to devour the resources God the Father gives us through our design as well as throughout our life.  He intended us to be well resourced for life. 

The victim spirit creates a twisted mindset that invites predators to make us powerless.  This is the opposite of Jesus Christ’s gift to us of dominion.   Christ’s intent is that resources from the Father would provide the capital for us to produce Kingdom projects. 

The mesmerizing spirit makes good people look bad and bad people look good, thereby robbing the righteous of the honor that they deserve in the community.  The plan was for the effective implementation of Kingdom strategies to bring us honor. 

This teaching provides diagnosis and strategies for dealing with these three strongholds.  There is some deliverance prayer modeled as well.

This album is in English with German translation.

This is a four CD set.